Mold Damage



Mold Damage on a Home's Wall

Mold can strike fear in the heart of any San Diego property owner. But those problems don’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Our skilled San Diego removal technicians complete mold remediation services throughout the San Diego area, and we can help assist you in eliminating it from your property. Yes, it is usually a serious issue, but our San Diego mold removal specialists work with you to provide affordable and effective mildew and mold cleanup. Let us help you make the mold removal process in your residence or place of business simple, cost-effective and hassle-free.

Mold growth can cause safety and health problems for the residents of any property. That’s because almost all are dangerous, causing health conditions ranging from hypersensitive reactions to respiratory complications. Some types are toxic that can also cause brain damage and, in extreme cases, death. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, you need to have it remediated by a professional San Diego mold removal technician immediately! All that mold needs to grow is moisture and some source of food — like paper, glue or wood, all things found in the ceilings, walls, floors and possessions in every home and commercial building in the country. Mold problems will build up almost anywhere with high enough humidity levels. This can be caused by flooding or water damage.