Fire Damage




When you’ve gone through an experience as traumatic as having a fire at your residence or place of business, you need the services of a San Diego fire damage restoration company to reduce your losses and recover as many of your belongings as possible. New View Restoration’s fire damage and smoke removal services make full use of high-tech equipment and fine-tuned techniques that ensure your property, including walls, ceilings and belongings, is restored to as close to the original state as is feasible. In addition, our New View Restoration fire and smoke removal specialists will make every effort while restoring your property to minimize the chances of long-term damage caused by soot and ash dispersed within the air.

The First Step You Must Take

Once the fire department has put out the fire and deemed the property safe, you should immediately call for restoration assistance. The sooner you contact one of these services, the lower the chance of the damage spreading throughout your property.

You should contact a fire damage restoration company that offers emergency services 24 hours a day. These companies will come out to your location quickly and immediately provide help for your residence. It is very important that you contact only companies that offer emergency relief to turn your fire damage back to normal condition.