Preparing For Your Project

What You Should Know:

When should I notify my insurance carrier to make a claim?

You should notify your insurance carrier promptly to let them know you have sustained damage and are filing a claim. Even if you do not carry a “flood” policy, or believe your damage may not exceed your deductible, you should notify your agent/broker and carrier in writing that you have sustained a loss and are filing a claim. Coverage for some flood related losses may be available under certain sections of your homeowner’s policy.

What should I do after the insurance adjuster assesses the damage?

To be sure all flood-related damages have been properly assessed, be sure to utilize your own contractor who specializes in restoration for a second opinion. The adjuster sent by your insurance company may not know how to identify all the flood-related damage. Specialty contractors, like New View Restoration, will work with your adjuster to review your benefit coverage and full damage assessment.

What type of benefit am I entitled to?

You are entitled to have your home restored in “like kind and quality.” Insurance companies may pressure you to accept their preferred contractors’ discounted repair methods. Their goal is to close out the claim for the least amount possible. This may, or may not, be in your best interest.
For example, if the adjuster tells you there is not damage inside walls or flooring, it is wise to get a second opinion. Push the insurance company for the best inspection methods on your contractor’s recommendation. In other words, don’t settle for limited testing just because your adjuster says it’s adequate.

What if my contractor’s estimate is higher that the adjuster’s?

As long as your contractor’s work scope if reasonable and fair, the insurance has an obligation to pay it. You do not have to accept the insurance company’s estimates. Remember, their goal is to close out the claim for the least amount possible. Know your rights! Beware of your adjuster rushing into a fast settlement by offering to send you a check for their estimate. Do not cash the check before consulting with your contractor! This amount is usually a fraction of what it will actually cost to restore your home to the “like kind and quality” to which you are entitled. New View Restoration will work closely with you, and your insurance adjuster, to help recover any additional cost needed for repairs based on our own fair and reasonable work scope.

Payment For Your Restoration Work

Whether you are utilizing your insurance or paying out‐of‐pocket, we understand the stresses of the paperwork and inconvenience you are experiencing during this time. We are sensitive to your situation and we will be sure to work closely with you throughout the entire process. We want you to feel confident and secure that your life will, soon, be back to normal. If you need clarification, please ask us. We are happy to help you.

Due Dates

Payments are due according to the contract. Review your contract for the section specifying the amounts due and time the payment will be collected.

How Payments Are Collected

Your project manager will collect your payments according to the due dates listed on your contract. Please contact our office if you need clarification of any terms or conditions. We can accept payments in the following ways:

Third Party Check-If you receive your check from the insurance company, please call us. When the job is complete, you will simply sign the check over to New View Restoration and our bank will process it.

Credit Card-We accept all major credit cards. Please note that we must assess a 3% transaction fee for each  transaction.

Cash-Some still prefer paying the old-fashioned way! We still welcome this form of payment.

For Insurance Approved Claims

Your insurance deductible is due when your job begins. The balance of your contract is due when the job is complete. In some cases, your insurance company will mail the check directly to us. More commonly, it will be mailed to you with our name and your name as payee. Please contact our office when you receive the check from your insurance company. We will confirm that you have been paid the correct amount and provide further instruction as directed by the insurance company.

How to Prepare

This list can help you prepare your home before the restoration work begins. You must be sure to accomplish each step before work begins to ensure we are able to start and complete on schedule, minimizing any inconvenience for you. We appreciate your attention to the job preparation.


Be sure your pets are put away while workers are in your home. If you don’t have a comfortable place to contain your pet, reach out to friends/family and see if a temporary pet sitter is available.

Inside Preparation

Clear the work area of any breakables, wall mounted objects and personal property until the work has been complete.

Notify your project manager if you have an open beam ceiling, patio room or sun room. The ceilings in these rooms may leak dust, so we will take special precautions, if necessary.

Be sure all windows and doors are closed securely. Damaged windows with cracked glass may incur further damage as a result of our work. We are not responsible for preexisting damage.


Turn off your air conditioner, pool heater and pump, laundry dryer, furnace, etc., while we are working. We may use power tools and cannot be responsible for any damages to appliances not turned off.

We will need electricity for our tools. The tools will not harm electrical circuit breakers that are good. If your breakers are older (30+ years), they may be weak. We cannot be held responsible if they fail while we are working.

How Can We Help You?

You’ve just been hit with an unexpected event. We are sensitive to your situation and will be sure to minimize the inconveniences you must go through to restore your home and daily life back to normal. Throughout this process, we will maintain frequent communication to be sure we are keeping you in the loop and up‐to‐date.

Partnering and Collaborating

If this is the first time you’ve ever had to file a claim, the process may seem overwhelming. Since insurance work is all we do, we know exactly how the claims process works and we will work with the insurance company on your behalf.

Our Commitment

We understand the importance and value of your home. We are committed to restoring that value by providing exceptional service and quality materials. We will treat your home with the upmost care and provide clean and efficient work finished as quickly as possible.