What is our warranty guarantee?

New View warrants all labor in its contract work with homeowner to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of two (2) years.

Do I need a permit?

A permit will be required if structural alterations are required or if the general living area of the home is changed. This applies to bathroom design, kitchen makeover, or other remodeling services.

Does New View handle all of the necessary permits?

Yes. That is our responsibility. The permitting process has become more complex over time because of changing laws and regulations. Being aware of what kinds of questions to ask, and when to ask them, can save valuable time, energy and expense. We have the advantage of working with the various permitting agencies throughout San Diego and understand how to effectively navigate the process.

How messy will it be?

If any demolition or sanding needs to be done, that will involve a lot of dust and dirt, and we need to make sure that all the other objects on the property are thoroughly covered with plastic sheets and protected. We do our very best to contain the mess.

Will I still have access to gas, water and electrical utilities?

Depending on the scope of the work, there might be utilities interruptions which could range from a few minutes to a whole day. However, we will communicate all the details to you in the planning phase so you can be prepared.

How much noise should you expect?

Construction is always noisy at varying levels throughout the renovation process. We will make sure to let you know ahead of time when we need to use noisy equipment or procedures so you can find a comfortable place to be during that time.