Aseptic Technologies Underground Waste Filtration

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New location needed to have all the inside drains used for maintenance cleaned out. Waste and contaminated liquid were re-routed to go through 4 different filtration pump systems before tied into the main sewer line. All excavation, underground plumbing, electrical, concrete demo & replacement, asphalt demo & replacement, passed all ground compaction tests, and city inspections! Project lasted 6 weeks, and was completed ahead of schedule.

New Facility Underground Waste Filtration Systems, Tie Into City Sewer Line

Aseptic Technologies

Aseptic Technologies: Juice Manufacturers

Project Type
Commercial Plumbing and General Electrical Upgrades

San Diego, CA

Project Highlights

  • Waste and contaminated liquid re-routed
  • General Electrical
  • Filtration Pumps
  • Project Completed Ahead of Schedule

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